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Lead Generation

Patient Retention

Growth Management

If You're Not Effectively Marketing Online, You're Leaving Money On The Table!!

Digital Marketing Will Help Businesses Like Yours To Experience  Rapid Growth Through An Engaging Audience & Lead Generation

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How Do You Increase Your Online Presence?

Social Media Marketing done the right way is one of the most effective ways to deliver real results.

  • Improve your brand identity

  • Establish more credibility

  • Identifies the target audience for your    product or service​

  • Create a new lead source

  • 3 Essential Areas That Will Benefits Wellness Practitioners To Accelerate Their Growth Within Their Practice.

    Increase client engagements, generate leads and experience client acquisition growth.

    Lead Generation

    Are you spending too much time trying to figure out how to create an Online marketing strategy?

    ✅  Become known as an expert

    ✅  Build an email list

    ✅  Engaging with your list

    Patient Retention

    Do you have the touch points that will build positive patient retention? 

    ✅ Track results

    ✅ Educate patient opportunity

    ✅ Acknowledge major celebrations

    Growth Management  

    What management strategies are essential for growth month over month?

    ✅  Accountability

    ✅  Performance

    ✅  Expectations

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    Wondering How GrooveBlog Works? Here Is A Quick Demo For You

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    The 3 Best Features Of Digital Marketing That Makes It An Awesome Service For Entrepreneurs

    Increase your Online Presence, and Build Engagement With Your Ideal Audience.

    Social Media Marketing

    The First Feature Is Social Media Marketing

    When creating a company's brand, products or services, you must pick the right social media platform depending on your audience demographics.

    ✅  Complete your profile

    ✅  Create content

    ✅  Be known as the expert

    Social media platforms aim to build a connection with people and engage with your audience regularly.

    The Second Feature Is Email Marketing

    It is the most efficient strategy to engage with your contacts, convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into a lifetime customer.

    ✅  Email is a communication channel

    ✅  It is your own database

    ✅  Email marketing has the highest (ROI)

    It will build trust and the opportunity to educate the prospect, plus stay connected with your audience.

    Email Marketing
    Paid Ads Campaigns

    The Third Feature Is paid Ads Campaigns

    You can target a specific audience to drive traffic to a product or service. More important, you can optimize a funnel for the lifetime value of a customer.

    ✅  Demographics: age, gender and marital status, etc.

    ✅  Right Keywords

    ✅  Build an email list

    Advertising on social media is one of the easiest ways to increase sales and grow your brand.

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    "Online Marketing Strategy that will promote your Company's Brand, Products, and Services, by integrating Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Paid Ads, which will Engaging Your Audience & Lead Generation.

    Digital Marketing Works For a Number Of Business Niche



    Naturopath Doctor

    Fitness Trainers

    Yoga Instructor

    Law Firm



    Real Estate

    Small Business


    And Many More...

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    Let's Hear Some Of The Success Stories

    Tony has been an integral part of my success as a Nutritionist.

    He has inspired me to strive to become the best in my field. His knowledge in the social media field has allowed me to expand my business to places I never dreamed of.

    Tony has so much knowledge, and I am so grateful that I can benefit from his expertise. I highly recommend his work to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.

    Jane D

    Metabolic Balance Coach

    Tony is very personable and hands-on when teaching essential principles, strategies, and techniques for online marketing. He is an excellent mentor and coach and very generous with his time.

    I highly recommend Tony to anyone interested in supercharging their internet marketing and online business and taking it to the next level. 

    Tony will tirelessly work with you to see that you succeed.

    Robert B

    Paralegal Instructor

    Tony Matchem is a nutritional guru and seriously knows his way around the web. He's an expert internet marketer, and through his social media tutorials, I have learned a lot about how to use social media tools to network and market online. I enjoyed writing nutritional blog posts for his company, especially as his e-book "Natural Wellness For You" is so easy to read, understand and follow, not to mention packed with nutritional information! aratta 

    Marisa B

    Digital content strategist

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    Why am I offering Online Marketing Strategies for such an affordable price?

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  • Because I know what it's like...

    ✅ Overwhelm:

    Having to learn 15 or more different Online Marketing strategies is NO FUN!

    ✅ Time Crunch:

    Wasting time on managing my social media platforms when I should focus on making money!

    ✅ Headaches:

    You are staring at the computer screen for hours, trying to figure out why your funnel is not working!

    ✅ Frustration:

    Pulling your hair out because online marketing is just NOT FOR YOU!

    Are You Ready To Start Using Digital Marketing To Build Your Email List And Grow Your Audience?

    Our team will promote your company’s brand, products, and services to a new audience.

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